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Why Consign?



Most of us could use some extra money each month. By selling your unwanted items at What A Find, you can easily make that extra money - selling items that are just taking up space in your closet, sitting in the back of your cupboard, or cluttering your house or garage. At What A Find we provide a beautiful and convenient location for people to view your items; where your closet can earn you money!


We start our pricing at about 1/3 to 1/2 of retail value, and then adjust up or down depending on condition and desirability. We welcome your input, however, What A Find ultimately makes the pricing decisions. We use various selling venues to gain pricing knowledge and base our prices on supply and demand. Remember that asking and selling prices are not the same, and that our market for an item is not as wide as that of the Internet. We take a lot of pride in our shop, and we strive to get the best possible price we can get for you. 


It's Convenient

Why try selling your items on the Internet or at a yard sale considering all the stress that's involved, as well as, the expense of advertising, when we can do all that hard work for you? We price it and display (and sell!) it in our beautiful showroom where hundreds of customers will view it at no inconvenience to you. We can help arrange pickup and delivery service for you through a moving service that partners with us, for a reasonable fee.


It's Safe

Giving complete strangers access to your address and inviting them into your home can be risky! If you choose to consign with us, buyers know where to find us, and your privacy remains intact. Our Frequent Shoppers number in the thousands, while many new customers discover us every day.