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How To Consign

Consign your items at What A Find in Bradenton, FL.

If you are interested in consigning your items, be sure to request a detailed Procedure Packet, explaining exactly how you, too, can become our partner in consigning.


Our business could not function without the high quality and well-maintained merchandise we get from you - our consignors. Don't put those great pieces in a garage sale; they deserve to be showcased, and somebody else will be thrilled with them!


We make the process of consigning as simple as possible. Consignors must come into the store to complete the necessary paperwork. You will then be able to successfully consign furniture, home decor, clothing, and other household items with us. If you have any questions, you can request our more detailed procedures/guidelines. Over 3,000 people have already consigned with us, and you can too!


It's so Simple, Here's How it Works

Please make sure that all items you would like to consign are clean and in very good condition, with absolutely NO prior Yard Sale/Thrift/Other Consignment Shop tags still attached. Our standards are such that, if after taking in your consignments, we find a problem with an item (hole, missing buttons, etc.) that item will be donated to a local charity.


Sellers Guidelines

We need to be sure that your merchandise is saleable. All items must have a value of $5.00 or higher -  no Dollar Store items. You will be much more successful if you check your items' conditions carefully before you bring them to us. The merchandise must be in good-to-mint condition. Merchandise is required to be cleaned, in pristine condition, and less than two years old. This helps keep our selection up-to-date and ready to wear for its next owner! What A Find focuses on maintaining an upscale designer inventory, offering great prices on high-end designer pieces.



Furniture sells fast if it is in great condition. We prefer to see furniture before it is brought in to us. Please stop by our store anytime with photos of your pieces or email photos to us at
info@whatafindconsignments.com. Let us know of any areas of wear or damage. We cannot accept items that we do not think will sell. Take the time to clean your furniture and do whatever is necessary to help it look its best before bringing it in to sell. Any historical information that you have on the piece is helpful. We also factor in our retail experience with similar pieces we have sold in the past.



Brand Name clothing only. Make sure that clothes are free of wear, stains, marks or wrinkles; they also must be no more than two years old and in season. We prefer to have clothing brought in on hangers (not in bags). We will exchange hangers and return them to you.


Sets of China

Please check with us before bringing in large sets of china. We need to be sure it is a desirable pattern, and that we have available space to best display your items.


Regular dishes are accepted as a set of four or more only.


Your Appointment to Show us Your Items

Make an appointment to bring in your items; we will select what our customers will buy. Feel  free to call before your appointment time to see what we are looking for, or what we're in need of at that time. We make the process of consigning as simple as possible. Sometimes there will be items we cannot sell. Please understand that our customers’ preferences must be our selection guidelines.  

Please arrive on time, as we book numerous appointments every day. We will look through approximately 20-25 items per appointment with a maximum of 15 items being clothing. Refer to our Procedures/Guidelines Form for details. You will be much more successful if you check your items carefully before you bring them to us. 


We will do our best to safeguard your items, but we are not responsible for damage or loss.


How You Receive Your Money

We sell fast and we pay fast. You receive 45% of the selling price, (less 3% if purchaser buys with a credit card). Stop in for any money owed you at any time. Please understand that it is your responsibility to contact us for payment, and/or, make any changes in your contact information.  We are a very busy shop, so it's difficult for us to constantly mail out checks. We have found that many of our consignors do not live here year round, which has created problems in the past with checks being returned. Please do not let more than 6 months go by without following up on your account. After 6 months, all monies will transfer over to What A Find, as we prefer to keep our accounting current. We will be happy to mail out any money owed you at your request, and a confirmation of your address.


We will display your items for 60 days. The selling price of most items will be reduced by 20% after the first 3 weeks, and by another 20% at the 6 week point. We also offer an additional 20% discount at the final week your item is in our shop. We require that all consignments stay with us for the total 60-day consignment period in fairness to all involved.


IMPORTANT: We routinely pull expired items and will contact you when your items are ready to be picked up.  Effective Jan. 1, 2018, along with all clothing that has become the property of What A Find following the 60 day consignment period, we are also adding shoes to this list, with the only exception being "High End Designer Shoes". Shoes that are priced at over $50.00, will be returned to consignors as well as all purses and handbags regardless of their price. 


Your items will be priced with your Consignor Account Number on the price tags. As your items sell, your account is credited. You can come in at any time for a payout. We require your photo ID until we get to know you, as well as, a signature for payouts. You can use this money at any time as a store credit at What A Find. If you prefer we can give cash payouts up to $35.00 or we can write you a check. If necessary, we can mail out checks but only upon confirmation of your address, as many of our consignors do not live here year round.